Could The Walking Dead season 8 finale involve a huge betrayal?

With just hours to go until The Walking Dead season eight finale, all signs are pointing towards an almighty betrayal.

Ahead of the series finale on Sunday (April 15), and the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead season four which follows immediately after, a post on the Twitter page for The Walking Dead revealed the official drink of this week’s episode is called “The Betrayal Cocktail.”

It’s made of clarified lemon juice, simple syrup, Tanqueray gin, club soda and a lemon wheel, and the drink hints at an extremely bitter and but possibly sweet betrayal.

Thus, a lot of fans are hoping Eugene (Josh McDermitt) will be the one to betray Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), by turning on him in some way in tonight’s much-anticipated episode.

Previous episodes of this season have seen Eugene fall into line with the Saviors as the group’s official bullet maker, scolding Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) for designing a faulty bullet and escaping the clutches of Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) after they tried to steal him away from The Sanctuary.

Nevertheless, some fans are speculating that Eugene will see the error of his ways and turn against Negan in vengeance for Abraham’s death, as the all-out war reaches its promised conclusion.

One fan even spotted a scene from last week’s episode that may foreshadow Eugene’s betrayal.

In episode 815 ‘Worth’, Negan can be seen firing a gun towards a t-shirt with ‘Rick’ written on it, while Eugene stands in the background.

While in the background, Eugene appears to point his hand in the shape of a gun towards his own head, perhaps foreshadowing how Negan’s weapon will backfire in the all-out war.

Or, you know. He could just be putting his fingers in his ears.

We won’t know whether anyone is betrayed or indeed, who the betrayer is, until the episode airs.

But grab yourself a cocktail. It’s going to be a show-changer.