The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs mocks Carl’s exit by using famous meme

The Walking Dead fans might still be struggling with Carl’s shock exit, but Chandler Riggs seems more than OK with it.

Riggs has brilliantly mocked Carl’s death on Twitter using the famous CORAL meme, only this time it features two Carls and not Carl and Rick. “Me @ Carl when he died from tripping over a tree root after proving numerous times that he’s great at surviving,” he joked.

And to hammer home the ridiculous nature of Carl finally getting bit by a walker, Riggs added in a reply: “Like dude u literally got shot in the head.”

Whatever you think of Carl the character, you have to respect Riggs for this wonderful gag.

If you need reminding of where the classic Walking Dead meme comes from, it spawned from Rick’s reaction to finding out Lori was dead in season three.

While Carl’s death was the show’s first major deviation from the comic books, co-executive producer and director Greg Nicotero has hinted that more are on the way.

“I think if we just did a panel-for-panel remake of the comic book it wouldn’t be very exciting, because then everyone could just say, ‘Oh, this is what’s coming up next!'” he explained.

“Part of it is deviating from the graphic novel to serve our story and I think it’s safe to say that we embrace those detours.”