‘TWD’ Creator Robert Kirkman Confirms That Rick’s Days Are Numbered

Sorry, Team Rick — Robert Kirkman just revealed that the sheriff will definitely die on ‘The Walking Dead’. But when?

Andrew Lincoln, 44, might want to take another look at his contract for The Walking Dead after hearing this. During the annual Walker Stalker Cruise, the comic and show creator, Robert Kirkman, confirmed every fan’s worst fear: Rick Grimes is going to die. “Yeah, of course,” Robert said after being asked if Rick would ever die, reports NME. However, he provided no details on how, when, or why we would see Rick die. Does this mean he’ll die in the comics but not on the show? Or that he’ll die on the show but not in the comics, like his son, Carl? The only person who knows the answer to that is Kirkman, and he’s not talking.

However, Robert shared that he’s still not sure who would take over as the “leader” of the post apocalyptic world once Rick is gone. “Well, that’s a question, right? Who knows?” Robert asked. “Maybe it’s a character that hasn’t been introduced yet. Maybe it’ll be Judith, who knows.” That’s a lot of unknown to figure out, isn’t it? Though fans have theorized about Rick’s death for years, and now that absolutely anything seems to go on the show (ahem, like Carl’s pending death) it seems more possible than ever.

Even Chandler Riggs, 18, agreed that Rick’s biological clock is starting to wind down. “I know that [Andrew] has a family that he leaves every year to come to Georgia for months and months to film ‘The Walking Dead’, leaving his kids back home in England,” Chandler, who plays Rick’s son, Carl, told fans. “I know he’s probably getting pretty tired.”

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