When is The Walking Dead back and what will it focus on after major character death?

The Walking Dead season 8 is returning very soon to pick up where we left off just before Christmas.

A new trailer was released teasing the show’s comeback last week, revealing there will be a dramatic confrontation between Negan and Rick.

And what with that whole scene in the first half of season eight signalling that a major character – aka Carl Grimes – is meeting his death in the second half of season eight, we can’t help but wonder what events await us.

Okay – when is The Walking Dead back? The Walking Dead will return to TV screens on 25 February in the US, airing on Fox on 26 February in the UK at 9pm. Get those alarms set now.

What will the rest of season 8 focus on? While focus has largely centred around the upcoming death of Carl in the mid-season premiere, it’s easy to forget there’s an entire war still to be resolved between Alexandria and The Saviors. It’s a battle which takes priority in a recently released trailer, which sees Negan ask: ‘You set this course, Rick.

Who’s next?’ The Walking Dead’s return is set to be an emotional ride (Picture: Gene Page/AMC) While Rick defiantly barks back ‘You are!’ – could Negan’s initial question refer to someone else’s death aside from Carl? Morgan’s survival chances has been under the microscope after his confirmed crossover with Fear The Walking Dead, and his presence is conspicuously absent in this trailer. Daryl also makes a pretty stern vow to become Negan’s ‘worst damn nightmare’ – which hopefully means he’ll start ploughing massive trucks into walls again. Is there a trailer? Of course there is – check it out right here: