The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

On The Walking Dead The Saviors have so far taken the brunt of All Our War. Here are 10 New Years Resolutions that could help The Saviors get back in control of the other communities.
After that shocking mid-season finale on The Walking Dead it looks like The Saviors have the upper hand now in All Out War. But can they keep it? Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom have proven that they’re going to fight until The Saviors are defeated. And they’re getting creative in order to do it.

Even though The Saviors have managed to clear the walker herd that was keeping them stuck inside The Sanctuary they still have a lot of work to do to repair the damage. And they have taken more casualties than the other communities in the war so far.

All Out War is too close to call right now. If The Saviors can make some fast changes and adapt quickly to the situation they’re in now they could still come out victorious. If they want to stay in control and not end up prisoners of the other communities they need to change their strategy and go on the offensive.

So with the new year quickly approaching let’s take a look at 10 possible New Year resolutions that would help The Saviors get organized, regroup, and be back in the position they were in before the other communities rebelled against them and Negan’s control.

10. Repair The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is probably one of the most defensible of all the communities. But that didn’t stop Daryl and the alliance fighters from cracking The Sanctuary open in their assault. Even before hitting back at Rick’s forces the Saviors will need to put some effort into fixing The Sanctuary and restoring the building’s defenses. Right now The Sanctuary is open to all kinds of attacks and it’s impossible to know what the other communities have planned.

If The Saviors want to be able to plan an effective attack on the other communities they’re going to have to make sure the workers and the rest of the population at The Sanctuary are safe. After all, the reason why people follow Negan is for safety. If they’re not safe at The Sanctuary that could seriously undermine his authority.

Building supplies might not be that easy to come by, but The Saviors are pretty resourceful and they seem to have caches all over the place. Time to make a supply run to one of the outposts and get some materials to fix that huge hole in The Sanctuary’s outer wall before more walkers come streaming through. Maybe Eugene can come up with a way for the workers to rebuild the wall quickly before the alliance team attacks again.

9. Find Dwight
In The Walking Dead mid-season finale The Saviors finally found out that the traitor among them was Dwight. And Negan and Lucille are definitely going to want to have a nice heart to heart chat with Dwight after that betrayal. The Saviors may not know yet how deep Dwight’s betrayal goes or how much information he’s given to Rick but they’re sure to figure out that he was the one who gave Rick the information about the outposts that got many Saviors killed.

Finding Dwight and bringing him to Negan alive, so that Negan can make an example of him, will definitely raise the status of any Savior within the hierarchy. So any Savior that wants to win some points with Negan and get noticed for loyalty should plan on going on a hunt for Dwight.

Taking Dwight out of the picture could also help The Saviors win All Out War. Without Dwight’s wealth of insider information and knowledge about how Negan thinks and plans Rick’s alliance force will be much easier to destroy. So whether it’s for strategy reasons or revenge reasons finding Dwight needs to be a high priority for The Saviors

8. Deal With Worker Tensions
Rick’s walker herd attack on The Sanctuary showed that there are some cracks in Negan’s tightly controlled ship. When Negan was pinned down inside the trailer with Father Gabriel there was almost a worker revolution after less than two days of having to ration supplies.

That incident showed that there is a fault line of tension between The Saviors and the workers. If Negan is killed or taken prisoner the remaining Saviors are going to need to deal with that tension and make sure that all the workers are on board with the new leadership or else everything that Negan built will crumble.

The Saviors should take some notes from history about what can happen when the workers revolt. It almost never ends well, no matter how much fighting prowess the group in charge has. Anyone that takes over will have to make peace with the workers and make sure that they are holding up their end of the deal and providing safety and security for the workers.

Could anyone rule The Sanctuary as well as Negan? Maybe, but definitely not without the support of the workers. Defusing the tension between The Saviors and the workers is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later in the upcoming year.

7. Keep Eugene In Pickles
Eugene has proven himself to be remarkably useful at The Sanctuary. Sure, he made a suicide pill and gave it to Sasha which totally wrecked Negan’s big reveal at Alexandria. But that’s all water under the bridge now. Eugene has proven that is loyal to Negan and he definitely wants to stay at The Sanctuary.

Eugene came up with a way to keep the walkers lining the outside of The Sanctuary from falling apart. And he knows how to make bullets, which could possibly make him the biggest asset in The Walking Dead world. So it’s a good idea to make sure that Eugene has pickles and anything else that he wants so that he will keep coming up with solutions to some of the toughest problems that The Saviors are facing when it comes to keeping The Sanctuary running.

Luckily Eugene isn’t particularly greedy. He’s pretty happy as long as he has a few creature comforts and of course, pickles. So protect the workers that make the pickles at all costs in order to keep Negan’s favorite idea man happy. When Negan’s happy everyone in The Sanctuary prospers. And there’s a much lower risk of anyone getting their face ironed.

6. Find New Supply Sources
The Saviors and the workers inside The Sanctuary were living the good life for a long time when they were getting regular tribute drops from the other communities. They had really good food, supplies to make things, and all kinds of interesting items that the people in the other communities managed to scavenge. But now that the other communities are rebelling that good life is over.

Negan and The Saviors will have to find new sources for supplies, and fast. There are a lot of Saviors and a lot of workers. They need food, water, and other supplies that until now were coming in regularly. There may be some supplies stored but certainly not enough for so many people. The outposts might have some supplies and equipment that can be brought to The Sanctuary to fill in the gaps.

But very soon The Sanctuary is going to run out of food and supplies if new supply sources aren’t found. Maybe Negan can make another deal with The Scavengers, but they probably aren’t going to be too eager to give up supplies. So some of The Saviors may have to go to work scavenging to make sure that the basic necessities are covered for everyone who lives at The Sanctuary.

5. Find Gracie
People are one of the most valuable resources in The Walking Dead world, and that includes children. Negan knows that Gracie was living at the outpost with her parents, but he doesn’t seem to know what happened to her.

He doesn’t know that Rick took her after slaughtering the people at the outpost and he doesn’t know that she’s currently living at The Hilltop with Maggie. It would be a good idea for some of The Saviors to at least attempt to find out what happened to Gracie and where she’s at. It’s not like she wandered off on her own.

Negan will probably want confirmation that she’s dead or to know where she is. Sure, he probably assumed that Rick took her, but Negan’s not the kind of leader that will let the kidnapping of a child under his protection go.

So while The Saviors are out trying to find new supply sources or looking for cucumbers to keep Eugene in pickles they should also be keeping an eye out for any information about what might have happened to Gracie. Returning Gracie to Negan could result in some serious rewards from Negan. Finding Gracie should be a priority for any Savior that wants to get in good with Negan.

4. Repopulate The Walker Wall
Putting walkers on spikes in a specific configuration definitely discouraged people from approaching The Sanctuary. Ultimately that wasn’t enough to keep Rick and his alliance forces out. But it’s worth noting that Rick and the others didn’t attack The Sanctuary directly. They used walkers to attack so that they wouldn’t need to put themselves at risk taking down The Saviors walker barricades outside the building.

But now that defensive wall of walkers is gone. All that time and effort collecting walkers and getting them on spikes went for nothing. Workers aren’t equipped to handle procuring walkers and making sure they are safely affixed to the fence. That’s a job for Negan’s fighting force.

Eventually that walker barricade is going to need to be reconstructed, which means hunting down walkers and getting them to the wall and then making sure they are fortified with metal to keep them intact and keep anyone from stabbing them in the brain.

It’s going to be a lot of work and it won’t take care of every threat, as Rick’s attack showed. But it’s the best defense against people. So some of The Saviors will need to take on the task of rebuilding the walker wall outside The Sanctuary this year.

3. Retake The Outposts
Part of the reason why The Saviors are able to keep such a tight hold on the communities is that they have fully staff outposts all over the region. Those outposts find new communities, deal with security threats, and perform other vital functions that keep Negan’s empire strong. But thanks to help from Dwight Rick’s forces have managed to decimate the population at many of the outposts.

The Saviors staffing out outposts are now either dead or being held prisoner. The alliance forces don’t have the numbers to take over the outposts and staff them. So The Saviors can retake those outposts. But only if they have the people to stay there and hold the outposts.

Rick and the others will likely attack them again, if the war goes on. So any people who are moved to the outposts have a high risk of being slaughtered or captured. That might make it difficult to get volunteers to go repopulate the posts.

Even if the war ends quickly and The Saviors win it will still take some big personnel numbers to get the outposts running again. And if The Saviors do win the war they will need to step up their security knowing that a revolt among the communities that they are policing is likely.

2. Recruit More Saviors
No matter what happens in the remaining battles The Saviors are going to have to find some new recruits. Already they have taken massive casualties. Right now The Saviors still have the upper hand when it comes to having the greatest number of fighters.

But in order to keep their advantage and in order to keep control of the communities if they win the war The Saviors are going to need to run a pretty strong recruitment campaign.

It’s been said over and over on The Walking Dead that people are the greatest resource. That’s because there’s a limited supply of them and they tend to have short life spans these days. The Scavengers have a lot of people, and Jadis might be persuaded to give up some of her people in exchange for some of the supplies that Negan has. But more likely than not she will want to hang onto her people.

So The Saviors are going to have to get creative in how they find more fighters. Some of the workers can be trained to fight and some of the outposts can be staffed with workers as long as there is a small contingent of Saviors there to fight. But Negan’s going to have to deal with the problem of losing so many of The Saviors in All Out War.

1. Crush Rick’s Alliance Force
None of the other actions that The Saviors should make their New Year’s resolutions this year can happen unless this one happens. So far The Saviors aren’t doing too well against Rick’s community alliance forces. They were attacked in their own community and ended up getting besieged there. They only got out because Daryl drove a bus through the wall.

Their outposts have been attacked strategically and their people outside The Sanctuary have been killed. Rick’s alliance of Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom definitely drew the first blood in All Out War.

But now The Saviors have the chance to end this rebellion and reestablish control over the communities. They led a successful coordinated assault against the alliance and now they’re ready to exert considerable force to bring the communities back under Negan’s rule.

Alexandria took some considerable damage in The Walking Dead mid-season finale and The Saviors and Negan sent a pretty strong message to the Alexandria community by bombing and burning their community. But Maggie’s got Savior prisoners at The Hilltop and The Kingdom’s people escaped thanks to King Ezekiel and Nabila.

So it looks like you know what your primary New Year’s resolution needs to be Saviors – crush the community alliance before you lose the war and end up in Maggie’s prisoner camp instead The Hilltop or inside the cell in Rick’s basement.