The Walking Dead season 8: Katelyn Nacon teases how Enid’s journey with Aaron will ‘change her perceptions

The Walking Dead’s Katelyn Nacon has teased how Enid’s branching journey with Aaron will affect her character, saying it’s going to be an ‘emotional journey’. In the latest episode, Enid and Aaron departed Hilltop for an undisclosed location, with Aaron merely telling Enid to bring food as they could be gone for a while. It’s left many questions hanging over their mission.

Could they be attempting to assassinate Negan? Does this mean they’re out of the show for a while? Is Aaron in a stable mindset following Eric’s death? Aaron’s boyfriend Eric recently died in the show (Picture: AMC) Speaking to, actress Katelyn Nacon has teased how their journey will play out, saying: ‘Enid and Aaron are planning something.

They’re obviously trying to do something and we will find out what exactly they’re trying to do, and watch their story along with each story as well. ‘I can’t say when. It’s going to happen. It’s going to be very interesting because we’re going to see Enid go through some stuff that will change her perceptions of how she’s going to go about stuff in the future. ‘At the point she’s at right now, she’s at that stage where she knows she wants Negan gone, but she just doesn’t know how she wants to get there. And the right way to do things in order to get there. ‘So she’s going on this journey. It’s going to be an emotional and physical journey.’