Rark Grames Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Move over, Coral! There’s a new meme of The Walking Dead’s Sheriff in town.

It’s the story of Rark Grames, as The Walking Dead fans call it on Reddit. One student created an unforgettable portrait of Andrew Lincoln as Sheriff Rick Grimes and it has been taking the Internet by storm. The drawing, which doesn’t exactly nail Lincoln’s portrayal in the most artistic and accurate fashion, has been dubbed “Rark Grames” and is popping up everywhere.

It starts with the original photo, posted by Reddit user aarong77. “Not the best lighting but here’s a painting I made of Rick,” aarong77 said when posting the image below.

rark grames

Since the photo was posted, it has achieved “Legend” status on Reddit.

The comments beneath the photo in its original thread range from, “Unofficial mod vote says this will be the sidebar image eventually,” to “How much time did you spend on drawing the upper lip?” Clearly, the answer to the latter is approximately, “None.” Aarong77 says, however, claims he spent “a couple seconds” on it.

The name “Rark Grames,” however, spawned when user wecametofight commented “Rark grames” to an eventual 5,230 points from his fellow Walking Dead forum users.

Rark Grames has become a part of The Walking Dead’s photos several times now.

Users across the web have taken it upon themselves to warp images of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes into live-action versions of Rark Grames. For example, the shot below takes a Season 3 image of Rick and transforms him into Rark.

rark season3

A more recent version of the transformation, however, may be more accurate. Reddit user SpudTheSpartan truly crafted a Rark Grimes masterpiece with the image of Rick from The Walking Dead’s Season 6 finale.

rark Grames
Rark Grames has even gone as far as taking over the key art for The Walking Dead’s most recent seasons, replacing Rick Grimes with the now legendary face.

rark season7

Some fans have put in a little extra effort in incorporating Rark Grames into The Walking Dead. The portrait has literally been placed into the some unforgettable moments from the TV series.

For example, the gif below sees Negan meeting the creepiest character of all.

The birth of Rark Grames couldn’t come without the introduction of Nurgan to the world. In the gif version of the Season 7 premiere seen below, Nurgan introduces himself to Rark Grames for the clash of the century.

While Nurgan clearly had no love for Rark in the Season 7 premiere, Morgan Jones has a special place in his heart for Rark Grames apparently. The gif below sees Morgan getting an extra special gift from Benjamin at their Kingdom community.

The supply of Rark Grames memes and gifs is seemingly endless. Luckily, a Reddit user compiled the “Best Of” Rark Grames into one thread.

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