The Walking Dead: Shock duo FINALLY set for romance?

The AMC series returns in October and fans are desperate for any bit of information they can get.

It was revealed that Maggie won’t be giving birth during the season, though a time jump was also seemingly confirmed.

Now, showrunner Scott Gimple has revealed viewers will see characters in different pairings than they are used to

Does that mean Daryl and Carol will finally get together, a coupling fans are seriously hoping for?

Not quite, as Scott told TVLine: “We’ll see characters affect one another that we haven’t seen affect one another before, or even just thrown together than we haven’t seen thrown together. That’s been really satisfying.”

Basically, it means Daryl may not be Rick’s right-hand man all the time, he may buddy up with Dwight, for example.

Gimple continued: “Because of the narrative that we’re following, the story this season is really spread out among all of the characters.

“And the story shifts quite a bit in single episodes between lots of different characters on a consistent basis, which is a little more unusual for the show.”

By the sound of it, season eight won’t feature as many – if any at all – episodes that focus on a single character.

In season seven, fans complained that the “bottle episodes” seriously slowed the pace of the show.

There’s no fear of that happening again though, as Gimple previously described season eight as “breakneck”.

The eighth season will follow the comics’ All Out War story arc, which sees Rick and Negan battling it out.

The Walking Dead season eight premiers on October 23 on Fox UK.