The Walking Dead’s Lennie James talks Negan, his big staff

During The Walking Dead preview on AMC, actor Lennie James talks about doing a scene with Negan and naming his big … staff.

Among the juicy tidbits shared during The Walking Dead season 8 preview on AMC, we got a few gems from Morgan himself, Lennie James. Find out what his thoughts about doing a scene with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and possible names for his staff.

When asked about doing a possible scene between Morgan and Negan, James admitted that he would love a chance to work with Jeffrey Dean Morgan who, along with showrunner Scott M. Gimple, joined James on Chris Hardwick’s couch for the event. The problem as James sees it is that scenes with Negan often mean the other party not coming out in one piece. Should Morgan have such a scene with Negan, it could spell disaster for a guy like Morgan.

However, Morgan would love to see something between the two characters where they run into each other on the way to somewhere else. Their respective baggage would be gone and it would just be a meeting of the minds before continuing on their way. While it’s fun to imagine, it’s not likely that Negan would ever just let a guy like Morgan go.

Speaking of Negan, Mr. Big Bad is known for his bat named Lucille. The question came up about naming Morgan’s staff. James said that he’s heard of requests for it to be called “Desi” after Lucille Ball’s husband Desi Arnaz, but he himself sees the staff as “the big fella.” When Jeffrey Dean Morgan suggested “Woody” the entire set fell apart laughing.

The Walking Dead season 8 preview special gave us a lot to think about ahead of the October 22 return of The Walking Dead. What are you most excited about?