Five Zombies Scarier Than The Walking Dead’s

While The Walking Dead has put zombies in the mainstream spotlight for the past seven years, the popular AMC series is far from the only series to have used the living dead as an effective catalyst for storytelling. In fact, many titles have taken the concept and seen the undead evolve into something much scarier.

The notion of “zombies scarier than The Walking Dead’s” came to light when the AMC series poked a little fun at a major moment on HBO’s Game of Thrones across social media. When a White Walker on Game of Thrones used a spear to take out a threatening enemy, The Walking Dead’s Twitter account shared the funny tweet below.

The Walking Dead ✔ @TheWalkingDead
The zombie apocalypse is tough, but at least our walkers don’t know how to use spears 😬 #GameofThrones
4:09 AM – Aug 21, 2017
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“The zombie apocalypse is tough, but at least our walkers don’t know how to use spears,” the tweet said.

Really, Rick Grimes and company would consider themselves grateful to exist in the world they do if their other options were some of the more terrifying and threatening zombie creatures in other TV shows and movies!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ biggest threat isn’t the Lannister army or dragons. Instead, it is an Army of the Dead lead by mysterious White Walkers.

While next to nothing is known about White Walkers, their army is comprised of people and creatures which died and were reanimated by the White Walker’s powers to become fierce, blue-eyed, undead warriors. While the show and its fans often avoid referring to these “wights” as zombies, you can’t fight the facts.

If something dies and comes back to life as an evil, threatening, flesh-eating monster, it’s a zombie. Jon Snow might know nothing but he also knows a thing or ten about zombie encounters.

28 Days Later

28 days later zombies
28 Days Later offered some of the most intense and terrifying zombies in an live-action brand of undead.

In the Danny Boyle-directed film, the zombies are referred to as” The Infected.” In this case, they are people who have been contaminated by the Rage Virus and completely lost their minds, being capable of only rage and aggression.

Unlike classic zombies and The Walking Dead’s, 28 Days Later’s Infected are living people infected with the virus which causes their single-minded rage and aggressions. They can be killed by means other than blows to the head while The Walking Dead has made evident its zombies can only be taken down in such a manner. While this might offer an advantage to those with bad aim, the idea of these monsters charging your way at full speed with your death on their mind, at any cost, seems less ideal.

World War Z

world war z zombies
Similar to the zombie-like beings in 28 Days Later, World War Z offers a creature which has lost all senses of fear and judgment in favor of rage and aggression. These zombies are so aggressive, they’ll charge at a living being so thoroughly that the end result might see them plunging from a building’s rooftop and they’ll still commit to the tackle!

What makes these zombies worse than 28 Days Later’s is their group mentality. The hordes of undead beasts in World War Z’s world will pack together to pile up on one another in efforts to get over walls or push through doors. They are more difficult to escape than any other type when grouped together, as they snap their jaws and use every bit of muscle and strength in their bodies to attack.

Furthermore, these zombies are straight up interested in spreading their infection.

I Am Legend

In the Will Smith-lead I Am Legend, New York City and the rest of the world has fallen to zombie-like creatures called Darkseekers.

Unlike classic zombies, Darkseekers are burned by light, offering people the chance to adventure outdoors during the day if they’re careful enough. However, this mutated race of humans has evolved into something stronger and crazier than most others. For example, how many zombies have used their heads to bash through windows or flip a car?

The Darkseekers have a sense of family, as well, as Dr. Robert Neville’s downfall came from capturing the wrong Darkseeker and seeing an assault launch on his house and laboratory as a result.

Luckily, these beasts can be beaten and a cure was discovered by Neville before he blew himself up to eliminate a pack in New York City.


Zombieland movie image (1)
Let’s not forget the classic horror comedy that is Zombieland.

Zombieland offered up not only some of the most creative zombie kills of any horror title to date but also some of the meanest zombies out there. Unlike the previous four titles, the zombies in Southern California for Zombieland did not mutate into super-zombies or rage-infested beasts but were still faster and stronger than those of The Walking Dead.

While The Walking Dead’s walkers appear to be slowing down and deteriorating over time, Zombieland’s creatures continued to thrive and run full speed in massive packs after potential meals.

After all, Rule #1 of the Zombie Apocalypse: Cardio.