Future erased! Heartbreaking deleted dream scene from The Walking Dead shows Glenn playing with the son he will never meet

With a few swings of Lucille, Negan beat this possible future to pulp.
But a deleted scene from The Walking Dead has offered a glimpse into what could have been for Glenn and Abraham.
The heartbreaking clip published exclusively by Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday shows Glenn (Steven Yeun) playing with the son he will never meet, while Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) waits on the baby he will never create.

Meanwhile, Abraham can bee seen relaxing on a bench with Sasha, who is pregnant.
Daryl and Aaron can be spotted collecting firewood for a fire, while Rosita lights torches around the camp; Michonne grabs arrives at the table with a couple of beers, presumably for her and Rick.
Also sitting at the table is a grown up Judith, wearing her brother’s sheriff’s hat.
Since the episode aired, both Sasha and Spencer, who can also be seen dining with the group, have too fallen victim to Negan.
The extended dream sequence is just one of the extras included on The Walking Dead season 7 Blu-ray and DVD sets, released on Tuesday.

A preview for season eight of The Walking Dead debuted in July at San Diego Comic-Con, foreshadowing a violent, zombie-packed frame as the Saviors, led by Negan , clash with Rick Grimes and his followers.
The preview flashed upon a number of chilling images as the battle between the two factions continues, amid quick shots in the trenches of the conflict.
Rick is heard delivering a speech to his disciples, telling them: ‘Everything we’ve beaten, everything we’ve endured, everything we’ve risen above, everything we’ve become – no matter what comes next, we’ve won. We’ve already won!’
The show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, told attendees that ‘all kinds of great stuff’ was planned for the eighth season, which ‘will be very action-packed and very fast-paced.’

The panel was held with heavy hearts, less than two weeks after stuntman John Bernecker, 33, died on the set of the show in Georgia, as showrunner Scott M. Gimple and the cast on hand paid tribute to Bernecker.
Gimple told eventgoers: ‘We didn’t really know if we should do this panel today, but we wanted to be here for you,’ calling Bernecker ‘beloved in the stunt community.’
He added: ‘He was living his dream and he helped other people do the same thing.’
One noted image seen in the sequence revealed the presence of Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, amid rampant fan speculation about the fate of her crucial character in the series.
The Walking Dead returns to AMC October 22 at 9/8c.