The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun Up To Return As Glenn Rhee

The Walking Dead’s Glenn Rhee is gone but most certainly not forgotten. Fans crying out to see him once again on the AMC series might be in luck, though.

Starting at the beginning, Glenn was killed off of The Walking Dead in the Season 7 premiere on October 23 of 2016. In the months which followed, the actor who portrayed the beloved apocalyptic pizza man remained quiet until opening up about the sendoff during a panel at Walker Stalker Con. There were months of controversy regarding the violence, angry fans who hated to see the character depart the series, and a faithful bunch bitterly content with the fact that the TV show accurately adapted Robert Kirkman’s comic book series.

Now, it sounds like we might just see Glenn on the AMC series, again. At least, if Steven Yeun has his way, fans will get the epic moment for which they are begging.

“I will leave it open to what makes sense,” Yeun said. “I wouldn’t want anybody to force anything but if it makes sense, then I am totally down.”

Glenn has never appeared in The Walking Dead comics since his issue #100 death but the comics are not exactly privy to flashbacks. The AMC series, however, is no stranger to flashbacks or dream sequences which see fallen characters returning to cable for at least one more Sunday night.

The Walking Dead has brought several characters back from the dead, though not in zombie form.

Most recently, Glenn’s co-victim of Negan Abraham Ford returned to the AMC series in the Season 7 finale for a flashback sequence which furthered Sasha’s story. The scene, which played out over the course of the extended episode, saw the events leading up to Abraham’s ride out in the RV which lead him straight to Negan and the Saviors.

In the past, characters such as the Governor, Beth, Lizzie, Mika, and others have returned for a hallucination sequence Tyreese experienced while bleeding out in Noah’s neighborhood. Each of the characters had been long dead by the time they appeared but played significant roles in Tyreese’s post-apocalyptic life.

Then, there is Hershel Greene, who was killed by the Governor but came back later in a flashback sequence which saw him speaking to Rick Grimes about keeping the peace at the prison, encouraging him to put an end to constant battles in favor of rebuilding civilization.

“I actually found out I was going to die about two years before it happened,” Yeun said. “It was like, not talked about. It was unsaid but it was understood that we were gonna do what we were supposed to do. I advocated for that, too, because it could’ve been just me rationalizing it, what was inevitable, but at the same time, you look at that journey and you realize that is marked in such a dramatic way in the comic that to change it, I think is a cheat.”

“Maybe we did it too far. It was pretty bad but we did it and people remember it, so it’s cool.”

As for the reaction to the violence specifically, Yeun has his own rational explanation to the controversy and is not blaming the blood and gore which came out of the episode.

“I think it was a lot of things,” Yeun said. “People think it was the gore. It was gorey but it wasn’t any more gorey than anything that qwe’ve shown before. I think what it was was just watching someone that you feel like you know getting killed that way and getting killed in a way that was not like, ‘Oh man, look at Noah getting ripped up,’ which is gnarly but it was just happening to him, whereas, in this instance, it was just like, ‘You could’ve stopped but you’re just gonna kee pgoing and you’re gonna rub it in.'”

“That’s great that Glenn can have that type of place to effect people like that,” Yeun said. “I mean, sorry, but mission accomplished.”

Abraham and Glenn being beaten to death by Negan’s “vampire bat” named Lucille made for some of the most gruesome moments ever aired on cable television. The characters are gone. They’re definitely dead. But according to The Walking Dead executive producer, Abraham and Glenn will never really die.

“Glenn is not dead; Abraham is not dead,” Nicotero said. “Their spirit lives on and the fact that you have Maggie pregnant with his baby, and you have Sasha and Rosita carrying the memory of Abraham. There’s more story to tell with the result of what happened with those people, so I certainly look at it a little differently.”

Glenn’s parting words will certainly never be forgotten by his wife Maggie or the millions of fans who were watching in horror. The first new hour of The Walking Dead in over six months saw a brutally beaten Glenn promise Maggie, “I’ll find you,” on his way out, which will resonate with fans regardless of how violent the episode was, according to Nicotero.

“If you think about when Merle or Hershel died, people were upset,” Nicotero said. “Merle was a very despicable guy, but at the end, his last final act really turns him around. It’s unfortunate that people want to take a negative spin on it, because as far as I’m concerned, I’m dedicated to watching a show because I want to see where the story’s going to go next.”