The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer: 10 Best Moments

The Walking Dead season 8 trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and fans are going wild over the new footage – which you can watch above!

Season 8 will quickly plunge viewers into a storyline based on the “All-Out War” arc of the Walking Dead comics. Rick Grimes and his band of survivors have banded together with the communities of The Hilltop and The Kingdom (with a big new stash of pilfered guns) to take down Negan and his militant group known as The Saviors.

As you can see in the trailer, this war will get bloody, and all of our favorite characters will have to step up and be soldiers, in order to bring Negan down once and for all. Of course, Negan is not one to take insurrection lying down – so you can bet there will be violent retaliation that Rick and Co. will have to endure.

The best thing about The Walking Dead right now is Negan (Jeffrey Dead Morgan), so it’s only natural that this season 8 trailer begin with a trademark Negan twisted humor moment.

“…Such A Cool Dude”

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Jerry and Ezekiel
King Ezekiel’s friend and advisor Jerry (Cooper Andrews) is one of the greatest (and underrated) supporting characters on the show, and it’s great to see him get a spotlight moment in this trailer.

Jerry’s thanks to Ezekiel is a great geek moment in the midst of the Apocalypse (and seeming peril). Even when things are bleak, a real geek like Jerry appreciates the value of fantasy adventure – Ezekiel’s gift to all his subjects.

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Daryl Explosion
Daryl is The Walking Dead’s resident badass, and he gets a signature badass moment in the trailer, when he pulls a drive-by on his motorcycle.

However, this being a Daryl-style drive-by, Mr. Dixon doesn’t just shoot: he shoots something that blows up REAL good!

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Ezekiel vs Saviors
King Ezekiel is clearly good at theatrics, and taking care of the “subjects” under his rule, but we’re still waiting to see him really revealed as a warrior in actual combat.

We got a taste of Ezekiel on the battlefield when he came to Rick’s aid at the end of season 7, but in this season 8 clip he looks like a total badass leading The Kingdom soldiers into battle, spraying automatic gunfire from the front of the battalion.

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Maggie Speech World Is Ours
Maggie has been evolving into a true leader, often having friction with Hilltop leader Gregory, who refuses to step up to challenges that Maggie faces head on.

In this season 8 trailer Maggie makes confident declarations of her intention to keep going and keep fighting – and she rallies her troops like a true general, in a total badass speech scene that would make Scarface’s Tony Montana sit up and take notice!

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Carol Shotgun
Carol is a veteran badass of The Walking Dead, and has enjoyed one of the best character arcs on the show.

What makes Carol so great in these later seasons is the way she can oscillate from pie-baking matronly lady to hardcore killer/soldier on the turn of a dime. This season 8 trailer makes great showcase of that duality, in a moment where Carol advises the young boy to protect his ears from the shotfun she’s about to blow someone (or something) away with!

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Morgan Gun Silencer Kills
Some fans have been annoyed with the character arc of Morgan, who came back from season 1 obscurity to become a somewhat preachy Kung Fu master type, whose commitment to non-violence has been a big contradiction both in the show and in the minds of fans.

Well, Morgan certainly made a… messy return to killing in the last episodes of The Walking Dead season 7, and in this season 8 trailer, we finally start to see the killer beast that Morgan was trying to keep on the chain!

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Negan Angry
We don’t get to see Negan break from his psychotically smug veneer very often – but whatever transpires during season 8’s “All-Out War” storyline definitely gets under The Saviors’ leader’s skin.

Seeing Negan express frustration (and frowning!) is definitely new, and they way he slams down Lucielle… it’s definitely not menacing as it is a seeming sign of impotence, when it comes to the task of killing Rick and his allies. We can’t wait to see what got to the big man – or what he does in retaliation!

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – Morgan vs Jesus
Whoa! We never thought The Walking Dead would be the setting of a martial arts throwdown – but that’s exactly what we’re getting in this epic scene where Morgan is seemingly battling Jesus!

Is it a case of identity confusion? Are the two just sparring? Or is there some kind of legitimate beef that leads to this clash between two of the coolest warriors on the show?

Whatever the case, this is Into the Badlands meets Walking Dead and we are loving it!

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer – New Walkers
As always, one big thing fans look for with new Walking Dead footage are the assortment of new walker designs we’ll see!

This half melted and/or run over walker is a real beauty (in terms of makeup work), and throughout the trailer we see everything from half-melted walker heads, to the metal-coated walkers Eugene designed for Negan.

Effects guru Greg Nicotero’s work looks as impressive as ever, so we can’t wait to see what other sick designs he has in mind!

old man rick grimes the walking dead
This epilogue to The Walking Dead season 8 trailer features Rick Grimes seemingly years later, as an old man!

What could this time jump mean? Is it a sign of the end soon to come? A fantasy? Or Something else entirely?

While fans are scrambling for answers, we breakdown some theories – for more on that click the link below!