The Walking Dead: Small But Major Moment Indicates Dwight’s True Allegiance

Fans of The Walking Dead have been expecting Dwight’s defection against Negan for some time now. Having read Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics, the reveal that Dwight wishes to betray the Saviors in favor or Rick Grimes was not exactly a shocking moment for many fans.

However, given the show’s tendency to shake things up and play with fans’ expectations given the events of the comics, the possibility always remains that Dwight might be playing Rick this whole time on the TV series. Many fans are holding on to small shreds of doubt in the back of their mind, as a result.

Newly spotted evidence, however, points to Dwight’s true allegiance standing with Rick Grimes and Alexandria.

As pointed out by Reddit user WordLieut7, the Season 7 finale contained more than one clue in Dwight’s favor. The largest, however, comes in the moment which see Shiva the tiger and the rest of the Kingdom save Carl Grimes from meeting the business end of Lucille. When the tiger begins chowing down on an unsuspecting Savior and the Kingdom’s soldiers come rushing in, all of Negan’s henchmen open fire in almost every direction.

The only Savior who does not start shooting, at all, is Dwight. Not a single bullet came out of his gun as he backed away from the situation alongside Negan’s right hand man Simon.

Dwight opted not to kill any Saviors, sure, but this is a strategic move. If he had been spotted killing any of Negan’s men, he would have completely lost Negan’s trust and would lose much of his value to Rick’s army in the upcoming war. Waiting it all out and being the inside man was the right move.

Dwigh Figurine
Amidst the chaos in Alexandria in the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead was another important and intriguing clue regarding Dwight’s allegiance.

Daryl found a little wooden figurine with a message written on it. The message read, “Didn’t know.” The significance of the little wooden figurine and its message, is simple: Dwight left it for Alexandria to find.

Dwight has been seen carving these figurines in the past. However, this particular figurine appears to be the one Daryl saw in Dwight’s room when he escaped the Sanctuary in the midseason 7 finale.

“Didn’t know,” likely means that Dwight was unaware of the fact Jadis and her team were going to turn on Rick in favor of Negan. It might also mean he was unaware of Negan’s upcoming assault on Alexandria which took place in the Season 7 finale.

In either of the aforementioned cases, it means Negan did not make Dwight aware of these factors, indicating a lack of trust from the Savior leader to his go-to guy.

TWD Dwight
In The Walking Dead comics, Dwight does, in fact, betray Negan in favor of Rick Grimes. At one point, Dwight goes as far as saving Rick’s life.

Spoiler-y details follow…


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During the All Out War story line, Negan covers all of his weapons and ammunition with zombie guts. It is a move which ensures any enemy struck by Savior weapons will die, whether or not the initial wound was enough to kill them otherwise. Then, they become weapons within the Alexandria walls.

When Dwight and Negan get a clear shot at Rick, Negan orders the burnt-faced Savior to take the shot. Dwight does, striking Rick with an arrow in his abdomen, but using a clean arrow to ensure his survival.