Negan Might Miss Part Of The Walking Dead Season 8

With the All Out War storyline on the horizon, fans of The Walking Dead are expecting to see a lot of Negan as his Saviors go head to head with Rick Grimes and the surrounding communities in battle.

However, new speculation from fans scouting the filming areas of the AMC series is pointing to an absence of the character early on in the show’s eighth season. As the word goes, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has not been spotted on the set of The Walking Dead since production of the Season 8 premiere which is also the 100th episode overall.

“He may be the main antagonist, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan has apparently not been spotted on set since episode one (the series is shooting its fifth episode of the season right now),” reports DigitalSpy.

This is also fueled by the fact that Morgan has joined the cast of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming Rampage movie which is deep in production. Several photos have already surfaced of Morgan in character for the film, though no one knows for sure how large his role in the movie will be.

If Morgan were to sit out a large number of episodes in the beginning of The Walking Dead’s eighth season, he might not be alone on the sidelines. Speculators also suspect Rosita to be absent from a large number of episodes while Michonne is also primed to miss a large batch as both characters recover from injures with the actresses portraying them having their own responsibilities outside of the series.

Given the events of The Walking Dead comics, however, Negan might be doing some indoor filming for the episodes which the fans flocking to the set in search of spoilers would be unable to spot. During the All Out War story in Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, Negan is forced into his own Sanctuary when zombies overrun the place, though it is unlikely the character would be kept inside for a four episode span.

Fans will get a better taste of what to expect from The Walking Dead Season 8 and the cast involved in just a few weeks when the new trailer is unveiled at San Diego Comic Con.