‘The Walking Dead’: Watch Negan get ready to hit the track at Indy 500

If he doesn’t handle the wheel correctly, Negan may could become The Walking Dead!

According to ComicBook The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently participated in the Indy 500 race in Indianapolis, Indiana. The race, which takes place every year on Memorial Day weekend, saw Morgan drive the pace car for the beloved event. Before the race, Morgan is getting ready when WishTV spots the actor and begins asking questions.

Man, for the savage he plays on the hit AMC show, Morgan is a really nice guy in real life.

First appearing in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan has become a pop icon since his arrival. With his signature bat “Lucille”, the leader of “The Saviors” is one not to mess with. He runs his post-apocalyptic ship tight.  Don’t believe us? Just ask Glenn and Abraham.

As for the man himself, it doesn’t get any better than Morgan. As an actor for years, he knows success is fleeting and fans are the reason for that success. Seemingly every time I see him, Morgan’s either taking pictures or talking with fans. Good people deserve good things. So congrats Negan on your Indy 500 experience. You earned it.