13 most hated characters on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ gives viewers an hour of action and drama, all delivered by an amazing cast. We love it! But just as any other show, it comes with a price. Every series has a handful of characters we don’t care for.

Please note that there are huge SPOILERS ahead if you are not caught up on The Walking Dead series.

Every character serves a purpose (well, most of the time), but that doesn’t mean we have to like them. We’re talking about characters we can’t stand. The characters who have us rolling our eyes whenever they come on the screen.

Who comes to mind when you’re asked who your least favorite The Walking Dead character is? Andrea? Carl, in his stay-in-the-house phase? “Up, up, up” Jadis? Some annoying characters are no longer around, but they have will forever remain on our list.

In the case of Andrea and Lori, I don’t think either character was written to purposely annoy us. Let’s be honest, we were going to hate on Lori for being with Shane while Rick was presumed dead no matter what. We weren’t going to be fair and consider the fact that she thought her husband was dead. Walking Dead fans being picky, plus Lori not making it any easier to be likable (she lost Carl half the time, etc.,) lands her on our list.

As for Andrea, I don’t think anyone truly understood her character. She was meant to be the one who wanted peace and for everyone to get along. Since we all knew the Governor’s intentions though, we saw her as naive and dumb.

Lori and Andrea are not the only two on the list, though. Up ahead are several characters, and one in particular, who Walking Dead fans simply can’t stand. Check it out!

Be sure to let us know if your most hated character made the list! Or, if there is someone on this list you believe should not be here.